Mango is a common site in hot summer season, traditional and above all the king of fruits. This is the only fruit, which has been
praised by the posts of various languages. Many idioms are based on mango. This is the only fruit, which include its name of the
religious epics.

In addition to our Spiritual “Dharohar” Mango fruit is very close to various cultures. Emperor, Kings, darbaris, nawab & Nobles used
Mangoes as gifts in all the periods. Even today special Mango Festivals, Parties, exhibition are organized all over the world. To
appreciate its taste, abundance of verities and nutritious value which no other fruit can match. Unripe mangoes are used to make
pickles and other processed food items.
The 4000 year old mango MANGIFERA INDICE LINNAEUS to botanists is believed to have originated in the Himalalayan
foothills eastern India. It went to eastern Asia in ancient times: Portuguese colonizers took it to Africa and Brazil in the 16th century
and since in then it is been cultivated in nearly every tropical and sub tropical region. Mango is now one of the leading commercial
crops in the world. It is major source of export in many countries like Mexico, around 50%of world’s mango is produced in India
itself but still its major exporter is Mexico.

Earlier seeds were used instead of grafting as a means propaganda of mangoes in India thus various varieties of mangoes were
unable to flourish Muqarrab Ali Khan, a minister of balban and khilji was the first person in India to cultivated grafted mangoes. He
grew and orchard around a pond in Kairana Distt. Muzzafarnagar (U.P) Second orchard of grafted mangoes was grown by emperor
Jahangir in Lahore (Pakistan).Third orchard of grafted mangoes was grown was emperor Shahjahan in “Jharna Qutub”village which
is now known as Shamsi Talab Mehroli (Delhi).Since then thousands of mangoes varieties of mango varieties are grafted mangoes
are now grown in all over India.