Rataul variety of mango is grown well in clay, sandy and loam soil with pH ranged from 5.5-7.5 in well drained soil. Stonny, water logged and alkaline soil conditions checks its growth and it does not perform well beyond 7.5 pH. However, the plant can withstand in slightly alkaline soil and water logging conditions. Gravelly or “shore” or excessive nitrogenous land should be avoided for Rataul plantation. There should not be high humidity, rain or frost during flowering of Rataul variety. Temperature ranged from 24o-35oC, 50-60 ft. water level suitable for Rataul variety and 75-285cm rainfall is well suitable for Rataul mango variety. Higher temperature during fruit development and maturity gives better quality fruits of Rataul. In frequent showers and high humidity, Rataul variety is prone to many pests and diseases. However, the hot air in the month of May adversely affect the mango of Rataul which causes fruit drops but overall fruit drop is considered to be less in comparison of the other varieties i.e. Dashehri, Langra, Chausa etc, grown in Rataul village. Water requirements of rataul variety are generally based on climate soil and age of the plant. Young plants of Rataul varieties grow well in weekly irrigation during the month of April to July before the onset of monsoon. It is concluded that the young plants of Rataul variety, up to 2years old should be watered regularly. The newly planted graft of Rataul variety approximately made 25-30 litres water per week. In case of adult plants, five irrigations during October-February at monthly interval in a year is sufficient for proper growth and fruit development. No irrigation should be given from february onwards to postpone a harvest in the rainy season.





Rataul is found here and there in different villages i.e., Rataul, Shekhpura, Vinaypur, Mubarakpur and Tigri of block Khekra covering approximately 85 hectares land with 10,000 trees in Bhaghpat district.



  1. Junaid Faridi (secretary/society member)
  2. District Horticulture Officer, Baghpat
  3. Plant Protection Officer, Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel University of Agriculture and Tech., Modipuram (guest member)
  4. Plant Protection Officer, Baghpat
  5. Virendra Pal Gangwar, Subject Matter Specialist/ Assistant Professor(horticulture), K V K, Baghpat (Directorate of Extension, Sardar Vallabh bhai Patel University of Agriculture & Tech., Modipuram, Meerut) (scientist)
  6. Shahab Siddiqui (Farmer)
  7. Habeeb Khan (Farmer)




Rataul variety mangoes are of medium size averaging around 294 grams as compared to mangoes of other varieties i.e., Chausa, Fazli, Mallika, Langda, etc., which are averaging around 350 grams. Keeping quality is good. Pulp is firm, fibreless with excellent lemon yellow colour and distinct (good) sweet taste. Rataul mangoes are sigmoid with undulating surface, rounded base with no break. Its extra ordinary pleasant aroma differentiates this variety from others. This quality also increases its market value and make it suitable for export.