How Pakistan tasted defeat in mango war : “THE RATAUL mangoes led to a war of word between the Indian and the Pakistani delegations at the Dubai mango festival in 1992 (represented by agriculture minister of India Mr.Balram Jakhar and
Dr.Mairajuddin from Indian side ) when the Pakistani raised objections to Rataul being entered as an Indian variety,Mr.Junaid Faridi
recalls,”we asked them what is the origin of your RATAULmangoes,how would you justify where they came from. We can take you to
our village RATAUL in Baghpat near Delhi and you can see yourself”. He says. Finally
The name RATAUL clinched the issue. The Pakistani side had to relent and the mango was an Indian entry in the festival Faridi
says.”(The Hindustan Times, June 27-2000,page#22)