The great Urdu poet of Nineteenth century Mirza Mohammed Asadullah Khan ghalib likes mangoes very much. Once, upon being asked what sort of mangoes he liked best, he replied that ideally mangoes should be sweet and plentiful. One day MirzaGhalib was sitting with a group of friends on his terrace enjoying the seasonal bounty of mangoes. Present in group was his dear friend Hakim Riazuddin khan,one who didn’t quite his passion for mango. Ghalib ,while eating mango after mango with great relish, was trying to coax his friend to taste the delicious fruit so as to enjoy its sublime. Flavor , but all the persuasion and teasing was to no avail.It so happened that just then a donkey came ambling along in the street below them. It stopped at a pile of mango peel sniffed at them curiously, but then moved on without either touching or testing them. Finding a good opportunity to get own back at his friend, Hakim Riazuddin Khan drew Mirza Ghalib’s attention to the donkey and pointedly remarked. ‘look there , Mirza , see even a donkey doesn’t eat mangoes .’ Quick as lighting came Mirza Ghalib’s rejoinder, ‘it is after a donkey ! and only a donkey doesn’t eat mangoes . There was a burst of laughter as everybody present appreciated the witticism.
Mirza Ghalib was the court poet of last Mughal emperor of India king Bahadur Shah Zafar . Both have two things in common: one a tremendous liking for mangoes and the other is poetry.