The mango thrives equally well from Himalayan foothills in north to Kanyakumari in South .Seeding trees have been observed to be growing even in at an altitude to 1400 meters, but fruiting in poor above 600 meters. Prevailing temperature also seems to affect the expression of sex in mangoes. The higher the maximum and minimum temperatures at the time when the flowering and ripening time of fruits. The mango start flowering early in Bihar, Bengal and Uttar Pradesh due to the onset of high temperature early in the season. In the south, under moderate temperature conditions even during winter, the flowering may start in September or as late as November. In kanyakumari some varieties flower and fruit twice a year. This may be conditioned by the differences in night and day temperature s and also humidity.

Today India is exporting mangoes to Middle East, Europe, USA, Japan, and Hong Kong Singapore with great pride.